Medsound - Beach Life (Album)

Release date October 28th, 2018

© 2018 Beach Lounge Records


Medsound's 2nd album is here. An exquisite journey that takes the listener through the calmer and relaxed sounds of his musical history.


From the sultry ambience of the opening track 'Feeling the Pressure' a collaboration with New York based sensation Maria Estrella, the album weaves through the stunning 'Wandering Satellites' which was born in alliance with Moscow based U.R.A. who is known for his status as one of the top performers in his home country, before Medsound teams up with Magnus, known for his outstanding vocals work and being one half of Swedish duo 'Moodblanc', to bring us their lovely collaboration called 'The Life We Once Had'

With these exclusive new tracks Medsound's 'Beach Life' delivers a message of sustained musical relevance in emphatic fashion to warm the soul that should not be missed! 'Beach Life' sees a worldwide release on October 28th, 2018  thru all well-known digital content providers.

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