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Synth Preset Libraries


Medsound 80s style sounds  2019

1 bank with100 Patches for the  DSI Prophet 6 


After 3 years using the Prophet 6, i have created this bank of 80s sound style patches which i want to share with you. Install intructions can be found below. 

Every patch includes a sequence song, which are the ones you are listeneing in the video.

Patches are recorded automatically in bank 1 : 000 - 099

EUR 20


Medsound 80s & Vintage sounds 2020

25 Patches for the  Korg Minilogue xd


80's & vintage style patches from Medsound. From pads to bass sounds and chords.

Install instructions included in the pack. Patches are installed in the Soundlibrarian, from preset 1 to 25, then must be exported to the minilogue via USB one by one

EUR 15


EUR 20

Medsound Vintage Collection © 2019

100 Patches for Omnisphere 2  


This library is a personal selection of Medsound's favourite synthesisers all time. 100 Medsound personal presets sampled directly from original analog and digital vintage synths into Omnisphere 2. 

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